"I'm a professional Chef and a friend in the kitchen who believes that anyone can create a pride-worthy and memorable meal."

Meet our founder: Chef anja lee

My catering company crew in 2019

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Chef Anja Lee

What you might want to know


the big stuff
  • Founder of Anja Lee & Company, Anja Lee Catering and Silicon Chef (our company arm of Team-Building Cooking Competitions)
  • Founder & Head Chef of Tiny Kitchen
  • Food Network's Supermarket Stakeout CHAMPION! Season 4, Episode 13 
  • Competitor in the Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen
  • Chef for the Golden State Warriors & Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Cookbook author of "How to Cook Healthier" Cookbook, found in Whole Foods, Amazon and Bookstores across the USA
  • Certified Sommelier
  • Monthly appearances on National News Channel stations including ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS and more 
  • World traveling culinary artist

Anja brings an appreciation for great food and cooking that will keep your team entertained from beginning to end!

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Kate McDermott

Most notable

Anja Lee & Company is where it is today because of our team.

more importantly

We've worked with some incredible, brilliant and wildly creative people since we started in 2013. 

Head of Customer Relations, Manager of Marketing & Social Media

Kate's smile will keep you smiling for days! We're thrilled to have her on the team. Kate graduated from the University of Boulder, CO two years ago and has been with the AL&C team since. She loves diving in headfirst to ensure our events are a success. Kate also creates tons of our social media videos and manages our social media content - check it out @anjalee.co

She loves cooking healthy meals, trying new restaurants, watching scary movies, and reading! Anything related to Asian food makes Kate dance with joy. She can't wait to meet you!



Our class instructors

Chef Samantha has a natural fun-loving, kind, and light-hearted spirit that shines in every class!
  • Graduated from Culinary School at Johnson and Wales in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Opened a Bistro in Bordeaux, France as the Executive Chef
  • Private Chef for families in Spain, Portugal and France
  • Chef at the Art Institute, Chicago
  • Chef with Jimmy Bannos at the Purple Pig (where they won their first Michelin star) in Chicago
  • Traveled and cooked in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand
  • Focuses on teaching healthy, easy cooking with the freshest seasonal ingredients
  • Samantha can't wait to cook with you!

Spring Rolls, Pizza & More

Artiste Sarah Lee

Sarah is a well-revered and sweet-as-can-be artiste! Sarah is: 

  • Skilled at the art of pouring and guiding paint to create masterpieces
  • An incredible teacher and FA expert
  • Speaks in color and expresses herself through art
  • Owner of Sarah Lee Studio - Fine Art & Functional Decor
  • Excited to share this beginner-friendly painting technique with anyone that loves to have fun and is willing to try it!

       Sarah can't wait to create a masterpiece with you!

fluid art

Baker azikiwee

Chef Z is the owner of Rize-Up Bakery, which began as a home-based quarantine sourdough project and quickly turned into a micro bakery in the Spring of 2020. Within a year, Rize Up has outgrown Azikiwee’s backyard ovens and our trajectory has no end in sight!

  • Witty, funny and will keep you on your toes
  • Is in the bakery by 4am by the latest every morning
  • Has a family of his own, on top of his family at the bakery!

He will make your team comfortable and engaged with his charismatic personality, and share all of his insider bread baking tips!

Sourdough bread baking

Marin Sheehan-Stross

Our Wine Partners

Martin has been a sommelier at famed restaurants such as Spruce & Gary Danko! More about him:

  • Wine & Spirits Magazine’s Best New Sommelier in America in 2015
  • First place in the Guild Of Sommeliers "TopNewSomm" national competition
  • Won the prestigious Chaine de Rostisseurs World’s Best Young Sommelier final in Lichtenstein 
  • While holding the position of Lead Sommelier at Michael Mina, Martin co-founded Foot of the Bed Cellars in 2016, a monthly wine club that explores the diversity of West Coast growing regions
  • Owner of Consorzio Wines, a high-end wine consulting company

Today he is the Creator & Producer of Anja Lee Tasting Wines!

Luc BErgevin

A négociant-model wine company working with the best in small-production wineries from around the West Coast. 

Tourist Wines provides our clients top-quality, boutique wines shipped to your doorstep! 






That I would be THE one caterer for the Cleveland Cavaliers in their locker room, cooking them to be world Champions in 2016. That I would then cook for the Golden State Warriors for 3 years and personal serve Stef Curry. That I would be on the Food Network TWICE and WIN $10,000! And that I would write a cookbook that would appear in every Whole Foods Across America!

They had no idea at the time... 

I've always been passionate with anything food related - I catered with many companies growing up, I worked in restaurants in college, but at that time I never expected to turn it into a career. Later in life while working in tech, all I could think about was going home to cook dinner for my friends and boyfriend. After my boss asked me one too many times to stay late, work harder, sell more, I biked home from that office for the last time and the light came on - I would start a catering company of my own. One month later, I had a website and had booked my first gig (enough to pay rent). Friends, family, and old colleagues helped cook, serve and clean and get me off the ground running. I give them all the credit for those precious early moments! 

My story really began the moment I finally left my software sales job and told everyone I knew that I now owned a catering company.

One of the most pivotal moments of my life - winning the championship with the cleveland cavaliers 2016

more about our founder, chef anja lee

And as I started to offer virtual cooking classes, I realized that this was the closest I had ever been to finally living my ultimate dream of having a cooking show! Lights, camera, action - since this moment I have been able to share some of my tried and true, favorite recipes with others. Not only am I able to create magic and bring people together in my own space through food and wine, but I can multiply that magic exponentially by helping others do the same in their own space. It is the most gratifying "job" and food experience that I've had yet! 

Then Covid hit. Our catering kitchen was quickly too expensive to afford, and that business faded fast into the past. 

A moment when i screamed and jumped with joy - winning the food network's supermarket stakeout in 2022

The day we announced my cookbook: "How to cook healthier"

My Cookbook!

I understand that recipes can seem intimidating, shopping lists are daunting, and cooking gluten-free for your family member while cooking tasty foods for the rest of the family is challenging. We can conquer all of this together! 

And now i'm going to help you find the joy in cooking, too! 

I combine my other passions - healthy, energizing food that makes you feel great, plus Sommelier Certified wine knowledge - with what I decide to teach others to cook. We focus on cooking food to make us happy and bring joy to our day, but also to feel like you could dance after eating the food!

Now I look forward to cooking and teaching everyday more than ever. 

I cook alongside you, and I can’t afford to cook a poor meal when cooking with you! My recipes are the best of the best, ones that I’ll always eat myself. 


thanks for reading!

I'm always a phone call, text, email or DM away! My mission is to help you feel the confidence and love for the kitchen that I've felt my whole life. AND to know that you can cook healthy food that is delicious. 

LET'S DREAM UP YOUR cooking journey