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Master the power of food, and it will change your life. 

Our mission is to help you build stronger connections with your team, family, and friends through the joy of cooking.

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My mission is to help others eat healthy, lip-licking food and enjoy every moment of the experience - creating and eating.

My recipes are gathered from 20 years of cooking with the top Chefs around the world, tested and perfected, with a healthy twist.

I will teach you the hows and whys of certain cooking techniques, so that you can cook just like I do, confidently! 

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 Lee Smolens, Pinger, Corporate & team-building client

"As an EA, I can definitively state that Anja and her team run fantastic group events! The interactive instruction is top-notch and always reliably superb. Anja Lee & Company is at the top of our list for great group activities!"

Wendy Sanders,
tiny kitchen club member

"Anja is a gracious teacher. She explains without being condescending. She encourages without being judgmental. She celebrates creativity rather than being bound to the recipe. I have cooked and baked for many years and still find her classes informative and inspiring."

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Join us for one of the best learning experiences of your life. We have a blast with all things food and business - recipe development, blogs, newsletters, content creation, cooking classes for groups, event planning, retreats & more! 

We're looking for people who will fit our happy, fun-loving, hard-working culture and who LOVE healthy recipes! 

This you're the perfect fit? Let us know! 

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Do you find yourself feeling:

  • Stressed when preparing dinner?
  • Overwhelmed deciding what to cook?
  • Bored with your same 'ol recipes?
  • Unsure of your cooking capabilities?

We're here to help you change that! 

Join Tiny Kitchen: An online cooking club created by a celebrity chef to help you feel confident and excited to cook nutritious, restaurant-worthy meals. 

Gain access to exclusive recipes, tips, and a supportive community of food lovers from around the world. Our chefs will share their expertise with you, making it easy to improve your skills and try new things in the kitchen. All skill levels are welcome!

Tiny Kitchen 

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We've hosted thousands of events, with 100% 5-STAR reviews.

We will make your dream experience come true. Including:

  • Strengthen your team's bond
  • Client-outreach & retention
  • Demand Generation
  • Company-wide celebrations

Classes are virtual PLUS we now offer experiences in-person in San Francisco! 

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Our virtual cooking classes are perfect for team building and creating stronger connections. Our experienced chefs will guide you through each step, no matter your skill level. You'll learn new culinary skills, work with your team, and create a delicious meal together.

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Discover the ANJA LEE shop! Here you will find our go-to kitchen and pantry essentials, favorite cookbooks, and best of the best ingredients that I use everyday. 

Curated top-quality products range from premium cookware and bakeware to healthy and sustainable ingredients. Take your cooking to the next level with our carefully selected items that prioritize quality, durability, and sustainability.

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Our priorities

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Top quality ingredients

Sustainable cooking

Your health

Simplify to amplify. When it’s the best of the best, and you know how to cook it correctly, it doesn’t get any tastier. 

Focused on seasonal, local when possible, plant-forward ingredients and foods that are easier to produce and transport.

Gluten-free, vegetarian and dairy-free options. We encourage nutrient-dense sugars, oils and salts, while avoiding processed ingredients that are harmful to our body. 

Trusted by 300+ companies and 25,000+ participants


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