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Join celebrity Chef Anja Lee and other guest Chefs from the comfort of your home kitchen to learn simple, beautiful and mouth-watering recipes that your family and you will LOVE.


We've applied our nutritional background and expertise to craft traditional and modern recipes to have a healthy (but still tasty) twist.

You name it - we've got your back.

Our goal is to empower you to cook delightful meals, and with some healthy tricks, too!

BONUS: We partnered with Lotus Foods for a Forbidden Black Rice Giveaway for this class. Three lucky members won some tasty black rice delivered to their doorstep! 

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of the Middle East with our tantalizing Shakshuka class! Learn the art of creating a harmonious blend of spices, gently simmering eggs in a rich tomato & pepper sauce, as you unlock the secrets to crafting this vibrant and savory dish that will transport your taste buds to new heights of culinary delight. 



BONUS: We partnered with for a Moroheiya Noodles Giveaway for this class. Three lucky members won some tasty superfood ramen delivered to their doorstep! 

Master the art of miso shiitake ramen with soft boiled eggs in our irresistible Ramen class. Learn to create a rich, umami-infused broth, cook tender noodles, and achieve perfectly soft boiled eggs for an unforgettable ramen experience.



BONUS: Garlyn loved cooking with our community so much as the Chef, that she joined the club as a member, too! 

Join our exclusive class led by Guest Chef Garlyn, owner of Basic Ingredients Bakery, and master the art of creating professional bakery-quality focaccia bread. Learn to decorate this delicious staple with beautiful vegetable wildflower designs, making it a cherished and family-friendly favorite.


Wildflower Focaccia

BONUS: GIVEAWAY!!! Attend this class + Invite a friend who attends (must be new to Tiny Kitchen - their first class is free) and you'll qualify to win a package with Kosterina Olive Oil!

A beautiful way to show off lemons and make you feel refreshed for summer! These recipes are truly delightful, and a perfect way to share a sweet treat with your Mama for Mother’s Day or for a hot summer picnic. Skills we learned:

How to candy lemon peels for a cake-topping
How to make a fluffy and moist cake with the finest olive oil
How to make homemade Limoncello to pair with this tasty cake


Lemon Olive Oil Cake

BONUS: This meal was gluten-free, refined-sugar free and bomb dot com. Perfect for backyard summer meals! 

“Carnitas” means “little meats” and are known for being soft, tender and shredded from cooking slow, and then frying or broiling to give them a crispy exterior. In this class we’re going to learn to do just that, plus enjoy them in taco-form and pair it with spicy margaritas!

Skills we learned:
How to make a classic carnitas recipe, both with pork and/or mushrooms
How to quick-pickle onions
How to make the best and little-guilt spicy margaritas


Carnitas Tacos

BONUS: This meal was healthy, high-protein, gluten-free and dairy-free. Simple and great to share with the family or serve as a heart appetizer at a cocktail party! 

Are you drooling? I sure am! These are oh so delicious and even easier than you can imagine. What fun it is not to be intimidated by making sushi at home! We recommend that you pair it with our cucumber salad, giving you a hearty, full meal for your family.

In class, we learned:
How to make sushi rice
How to make a homemade mayo from scratch
How to work with seaweed wrappers


Baked Salmon Sushi

Try our ceviche class before it expires in 48 hours!

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  • Join our *special guest Chef* classes
  • Full access to library of videos, easy healthy recipes & shopping lists
  • Cook with celebrity Chef Anja Lee & Guest Chefs
  • Live Chat with our Chefs & Community
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"I highly recommend her recipes, online classes and community."

A fantastic online class with easy to follow instructions in a fun group setting. We made a delicious noodle soup from Noodelist noodles and veggies and amazing broth. Anja is such a personable and knowledgeable chef with great insights and tips for every day home chefs. 

- Jenni B.

"her recipes were approachable, creative, and fun."

AMAZING! My husband gifted me Chef Anja Lee's pizza class. Incredible! I have celiac and cannot have gluten, and she readily adapted the recipes. Best part is her bubbly, personality and humor, making the classes so fun. We quickly signed up for an additional class and will be joining her cooking club. Can't wait for more yummy meals.

- Katie D.

"Anja's Tiny Kitchen Cooking Club was an amazing and easy way to cook a delicious yet healthy meal!"

Not only did Anja help us create a cheesy masterpiece but she also built a warm and welcoming atmosphere (hard to do virtually!) where we were able to connect with our classmates, ask all the questions we needed/wanted, and have a great time. We would 10/10 recommend Anja's Tiny Kitchen Cooking Club to anyone looking for a date night idea, fun with friends and family, or just a tasty meal!

- Savannah R.