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Get online coaching from your home kitchen to create the most incredible, gluten-free and nutrient-rich meals and showcase your talent in the kitchen on a new level.

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The Magic 12: Gluten-Free Essentials

In this 10+ hour self-guided course & eBook, we cover how to master easy, quick and delicious gluten-free breads, tortillas, pastas, pastries & more that will leave you never missing out on glutenous bread again. 

You will learn how to confidently use other flours (instead of AP flour) that are full of healthy nutrients and flavors that make your taste buds elated and your body feeling great. 

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Sneak Peak: Gluten-Free Pretzels!

Indulge in the art of crafting delectable gluten-free pretzels during our hands-on pretzel making class. Discover the secrets to achieving the perfect dark brown and chewy texture, thanks to our unique and carefully guarded secret ingredient infused into the boiling process.

Twisting and turning the dough into classic pretzel shapes, including the iconic knot, becomes a breeze, even without gluten. Join us for a fun and flavorful experience where you'll learn the tricks of the trade and leave with a batch of irresistibly delicious pretzels to enjoy.

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  • Master recipes you never knew you could create yourself
  • Eat like a French queen with buckwheat crepes, dine like an Italian King with perfected GF pizza, and snack like a happy camper with the most adorable gluten-free pretzels.
  • Watch Chef Anja Lee - celebrity chef - show you how to make your recipes perfect everytime!
  • Bake like a true baker, but even better because it is gluten-free! 

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"her recipes were approachable, creative, and fun."

AMAZING! My husband gifted me Chef Anja Lee's pizza class. Incredible! I have celiac and cannot have gluten, and she readily adapted the recipes. Best part is her bubbly, personality and humor, making the classes so fun. We quickly signed up for an additional class and will be joining her cooking club. Can't wait for more yummy meals.

- Katie D.

"I highly recommend her recipes, online classes and community."

A fantastic online class with easy to follow instructions in a fun group setting. We made a delicious noodle soup from Noodelist noodles and veggies and amazing broth. Anja is such a personable and knowledgeable chef with great insights and tips for every day home chefs. 

- Jenni B.

"Anja's Tiny Kitchen Cooking Club was an amazing and easy way to cook a delicious yet healthy meal!"

Not only did Anja help us create a cheesy masterpiece but she also built a warm and welcoming atmosphere (hard to do virtually!) where we were able to connect with our classmates, ask all the questions we needed/wanted, and have a great time. We would 10/10 recommend Anja's Tiny Kitchen Cooking Club to anyone looking for a date night idea, fun with friends and family, or just a tasty meal!

- Savannah R.

Join celebrity Chef Anja Lee  from the comfort of your home kitchen to learn simple, beautiful and mouth-watering recipes that your family and you will LOVE.


We've applied our nutritional background and expertise to craft traditional and modern recipes to have a healthy (but still tasty) twist.

Just looking to eat healthier, but not gf? 
You name it - we've got your back.

Our goal is to empower you to cook delightful meals, and with some healthy tricks, too!

I'm excited to dive in!


"I've loved the classes that we've had so far, I've learned so much - from how to hold a knife like a professional chef, to healthy substitutes and alternatives for everyones' liking. It has opened me up to trying new things. The members are really all connected, and the main reason being our passion for cooking! " 
- Melissa Sura, member

What our members want you to know: 

"I hope you join Tiny Kitchen! It’s such a great way to learn to cook and have a delicious meal. I love the opportunity to connect with other people and learn so much during each class. It’s approachable, fun, and a highlight of my week."
- Katie Beckwith, member

"I've never had so much fun in the kitchen! I'm not a Chef, nor would I really say that I have any culinary ability. But this mac n' cheese is delicious, and it was a great group of people. Fun to do by yourself or as a date night. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to get into cooking or just have a fun experience." 
- Tyler Renz, member

"What I love is that there are many class options at different times of the week. The menu is awesome because it has a healthy twist to it so it helps me know that I'll always feel good after class! It's really fun! And I am very proud of the skills I have gained." 
- Erica  Lieppman, member

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Chef Anja Lee

What you might want to know


the big stuff
  • Founder of Anja Lee & Company, Anja Lee Catering and Silicon Chef (our company arm of Team-Building Cooking Competitions)
  • Founder & Head Chef of Tiny Kitchen
  • Food Network's Supermarket Stakeout CHAMPION! Season 4, Episode 13 
  • Competitor in the Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen
  • Chef for the Golden State Warriors & Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Cookbook author of "How to Cook Healthier" Cookbook, found in Whole Foods, Amazon and Bookstores across the USA
  • Certified Sommelier
  • Monthly appearances on National News Channel stations including ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS and more 
  • World traveling culinary artist

Anja brings an appreciation for great food and cooking that will keep your team entertained from beginning to end!

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Classes range between 30-60 minutes. This gives ample time for you to follow along and cook alongside Chef Anja Lee, while not taking too much of your precious day to cook!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely NOT! These recipes are built with the intention of getting you familiar with high-quality flours that exist and learning to use them to perfection in your cooking. They just happen to be gluten-free. 

Do I have to be gluten-free to like these recipes?


How can we choose?! But really...from our experience, we find that the gluten-free crepes and pizza are a huge hit. In addition, people find the pretzels incredibly rewarding - especially with the secret tips that we include! 

What are the most popular included recipes?


These recipes are versatile and can be used for almost any diet. We give the basics on how to make these tortillas, breads, etc. and you can add whatever sauce you'd like. The banana bread, cookies and sweeter items are dairy-free. Some include honey, which can be substituted with maple syrup or agave.

I'm vegan (or dairy-free), do you have recipes for me?


We're here to help! We have a customer support team ready to answer all of your cooking questions during business hours. We can't wait to chat with you and hear how the recipes are going! 

What if I have a question? 


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