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Join us for one of the best learning experiences of your life. We have a blast with all things food and business - team building cooking classes, recipe development, blogs, newsletters, content creation, cooking classes for groups, event planning, retreats & more! 

We're looking for people who will fit our happy, fun-loving, hard-working culture and who LOVE healthy recipes! This you're the perfect fit? Let us know! 

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Event Sales & Client Success:

We are on the hunt for a self-starter, innovative, creative, kind and fun-loving person who is a go-getter and is ready for anything! 

As a small team (7-10 employees), you’ll have the opportunity to work very closely with our founder, Chef Anja, as well as our kit packing team, our other chefs, and our sommelier. You will act as a liaison for the many moving parts - from communicating with clients and relaying information to the operations team, to scheduling between the client and our chefs to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. You will be in charge of managing our social media outlets, writing and creating incredible newsletters and blog posts, and collecting and synthesizing data throughout the process. 

Wearing many hats, you will also assist with marketing, reaching out to past clients and potential clients to gauge their interests, keep them updated on our offerings, and see if they are looking to book any future events. You’ll have the opportunity to create new social content yourself. This could look like making one of Anja’s recipes, filming/photographing it, editing it, and posting - we are open to your creativity! This is a great position for someone who loves good food, being creative, talking to people, and having the freedom to propose new ideas!

This job is 100% remote and timing is flexible, paid by the hour. We are looking for someone who can dedicate about 4-5 hours per day Mon-Fri. between the hours of 9am-7pm PST. Total of about 20-25 hours per week, with potential to grow if the business grows. You will meet with Anja once per week to go over weekly goals, and stay in touch throughout the week via Slack. 

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About Anja Lee & Company

About Anja Lee & Co:

Anja Lee & Co is a small, boutique virtual events company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, created and run by an incredible group of (mostly) ladies over the last 10 years and led by Anja Lee Hall. 

We offer a variety of cooking, tasting, and art classes, tailored towards “team building” events for companies across the country! We also have a cooking club, where people can join on a subscription-basis. We’re planning culinary retreats, and we will be creating a cookbook soon too! 

We take pride in our high-quality, locally-sourced and carefully crafted kits that we can ship right to your doorstep. Our chefs are highly trained, knowledgeable and fun to work with, coming from a variety of diverse backgrounds. Through delicious food, wine & cheese tastings, and visual art, our goal is to provide a platform for team’s to come together (virtually) and share a creative, bonding experience with one another.