How to adjust a scone recipe to be low-glycemic and still delicious

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If the goal is to bake something that you love — a scone that reminds you of your grandma’s cooking as a child, something nostalgic and comforting — we can do this and still keep it lower-glycemic. This makes it easier for your body to convert the sugars to energy instead of store them as fat.

If you take a recipe like this, and adjust with the tips below, you’ll have a stellar scone that is delicious without spiking your blood sugar. This is great if you would like to maintain a healthy weight, feel great when eating and have no regrets. These tips are especially helpful for diabetics – type 1, type 2 and gestational. Enjoy and let me know how it works out for you!

Quick tips:

  1. Sub the regular AP flour with Gluten-Free AP Flour. The gluten-free flour is likely to have a lower glycemic level with more nutrients. It is made from whole grains and ingredients that are less processed. These ingredients are less likely to turn to fat, and are easier for your digestive system to process. The scones will taste the same in this recipe, or very similar (and you probably won’t notice the difference)!
  2. Coconut or date sugar would be excellent in this recipe instead of cane sugar. Coconut and date sugars keep glycemic levels low, giving your body more of a change to slowly process them into energy, whereas cane sugar goes straight to your fat stores. Keep in mind that the color might be a little bit more caramel colored, but there’s nothing wrong with that!
  3. Make sure to get unsalted butter – so that you can control the amount and type of salt you’re consuming. Sea salt or pink Himalayan salt are always the best option.
  4. I highly recommend these chocolate chips (use code anjalee for 15% off)! They are sweetened with date sugar and coconut sugar instead of cane sugar, and they will feel soooo much better in your body. In addition, they are delicious! 
  5. The topping could definitely be date or coconut sugar instead of cane – yum!

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